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Do you have children who can't let go of their thumb sucking? At HD Orthodontics, we know breaking a habit is hard, so we're here to help. The thumb-sucking habit brings comfort to babies and young children.

Some children benefit from simple habit-breakers similar to those that patients wear after having their braces removed, but with the addition of a semicircular wire to help stop thumb sucking.

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In some children, we found that plastic removable devices changed the feeling that their thumbs were in their mouths enough to break the habit. However, if your child sucks the thumb harder, a sturdy device may be needed.

The thumb fixed palatal bed is a small metal device that is placed in the mouth and attached to the upper molars. Cribs made of soldered wires prevent the thumbs behind the front teeth from touching the gums. In this way, the device will reduce the satisfaction your child gets from thumb sucking and over time will break the habit completely.

If your child is not responding to a traditional palatal bed, there are alternative device designs that can be used. Some include bluegrass engines and rowing machines. The bluegrass uses a rotating roller to break the patient's habit and allow the front teeth to return to their normal position.

Alternatively, the bat is extended so that the thumb is caught and does not rest on the child's mouth. Even if it's not very sharp, it will cause discomfort when your child tries to suck on his thumb.