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Your kitchen sink is having problems. The water is not draining properly. Now your kitchen sink clog is causing it to fill up with water. Single bowl, double bowl, with the garbage disposal, a dishwasher, or without. 

With all kitchen sink setups, you will have varying degrees of how kitchen sink clogs are caused. Also, how they can be cleared. Standing water in your kitchen sink is the first indication that there is a stoppage. To avoid these situations, make sure to get your sink inspections done by professional plumbers via


A single bowl kitchen sink will have standing water. In two bowl sinks, the water will go down one sink and come up in the other and the standing water will level out in both sinks. You have plunged and used chemical drain cleaners yet nothing has worked. 

Depending on the type of setup you have there will be varying situations in which water will not drain properly.

If you have plunged and used a chemical drain cleaner without success, it is obvious that it is not a simple strainer body clog. The next step is to check the trap. If the trap has a clean-out plug, place a bowl or bucket under the trap and remove the clean-out plug. 

If water does not come out you may have a clog in your trap. With the bucket or bowl under the trap, uncouple the trap and inspect and clean the clog and replace it. Verify that the kitchen sink is now draining without leaks.

If water flows freely from the clean-out plug and the sink(s) begin to drain, the issue is probably further down the drainpipe. If the kitchen sink clog has progressed past the trap, you have a couple of options.