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If you want to give your daughter a great bedroom, there are some great girls bedroom accessories that you can purchase for her room. Wall shelves are a great accessory for a girl's bedroom, as they can be arranged in various ways to hold tiny gadgets and other objects. Wooden icons are another great girls bedroom accessory. Make sure to purchase a set that is not colored or decorated in fancy ways, since kids will get bored with them pretty quickly.


A girl's bedroom can be a fun place to use bold color or prints, but it's best to keep the walls a neutral color or one with undertones of a color used in the room. If you plan to use a lot of pink accents in the room, a white wall with a slight pink cast will help break up the color. Pale pink walls contrast nicely with bold, bright pink accessories and furniture.

A nautical theme is a classic color choice that can be gender neutral. Using bright pinks with a blue accent is a fun way to give a girl's room a cheery vibe. A vintage mirror and simple floor seat can help set the mood. Alternatively, if you want to keep it classy, consider using wooden wall art and typographic prints. A bold pattern mix is also fun, but make sure to keep the scale in mind. For instance, polka dots on the bed frame and headboard make a bold statement while remaining feminine.


To inject a sense of carefree fun into a girl's bedroom, choose a colorful print pattern that contrasts with her neutral furniture. A leaf-patterned throw makes a stylish contrast to floral wallpaper. Incorporating color brings disparate elements together and creates a symmetrical setup. Whether her room is decorated with furniture, bedding, or accents, patterns will bring her room to life. Incorporate several different types of patterns to create the right balance between playful and girly.

To add a bohemian theme to a girl's bedroom, you can create a DIY tassel duvet cover. For an inexpensive, tassel duvet cover, you can buy a white duvet cover on Amazon. You can also make a tassel lamp yourself with inexpensive doilies from your local dollar store. And don't forget to incorporate patterns into the room's window treatments.


If you're not sure what to buy, consider a few pieces of furniture and shelves. Use decorative bins to store small accessories, and decorate them with fun labels. A headboard is also a great way to add interest to a girl's room. Not only can she display her favorite books and memorabilia, but it can also encourage her to crawl around on the floor. She'll love her new bed! And, with so many options to choose from, it doesn't have to be expensive.

There are a variety of bed styles and finishes for a girls' room. Choose a bed with elegant details, like the Offerman bed, or one that's contemporary and sleek, like the Tsavag canopy bed. Its metal frame and decorative canopy evoke an antique carriage. You can even customize it with your daughter's name or a favorite cartoon character. Or, you can choose a bed that matches her bedroom theme, like a Cinderella castle.

Wall decor

A cute addition to a girl's room is a dolly swing seat. This versatile accessory can grow with your daughter and can be replaced with a houseplant as she grows older. Many girls are drawn to a vibrant pink bedroom, but blush or coral shades will also satisfy her pink fix. If she wants a more sophisticated look, consider using gold circle wall stickers on the wall. These stickers can easily be removed and repainted to change the color of the room.

To create a country-chic atmosphere, try shabby-chic furniture. The shabby chic look will fit well in the space of a younger girl. Choose wallpaper with silhouette shoe and slipper designs so they can switch it out as they grow. Add twinkling lights to complete the look. Fairy string lights look great draped from the ceiling or from the windows. An ice cream sundarena lamp will add whimsy and pattern to the room.