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Backlinks are such a cornerstone of good search engine optimization and have been considered vital since rankings are determined by a backlink's "eye." A backlink is simply a link to someone else's site that redirects the visitor to your own site. Think of it as a professional review. What better way to say you're the best than with a glowing reference? Whether you create your own backlinks or purchase backlinks from others, backlinks serve to benefit your search engine ranking and can help to increase your traffic.

One of the things that backlinks offers search engine optimization experts is the ability to distribute valuable content through multiple websites. When done correctly, backlinks allow visitors to access your information from a variety of sites. For example, buy backlinks cheap from a blog can pop up on your personal site, another site linked to your personal site, a news site and even one linked to a social networking site. If done effectively, this means a potentially exponential increase in traffic. How about an article distributed across nine different sites with each bringing in one additional link?

Backlinks add credibility and reliability to your website and can significantly improve your search results. Google and other search engines look favorably upon well-established backlinks. That is because backlinks offer proven performance. Simply put, backlinks are an indicator of popularity and quality. In order for your backlinks to be counted and contribute to the relevancy of your ranking, they must point back at your website.

If you own a popular blog or a website with multiple services, backlinks from established authority sites can provide the necessary link power to propel your business to the top of the search engines. For example, if you own and operate a hiking gear website, the addition of backlinks from a popular hiking equipment retailer would quickly give your website a high ranking for that keyword phrase. A simple search for the term "hiking gear website" reveals the number of websites owned by hiking gear retailers that have posted articles or news stories linking back to your mountain climbing website.

The most important question is, how do you get backlinks? You can engage in manual link building, but this takes a great deal of time and effort. Alternatively, there are numerous automatic software programs available for purchase that automate the process. Once these backlinks are placed on your website, your search engine rankings will begin to rise naturally. These software programs provide search engine optimization tools that work in the background to boost your rankings.

In order for backlinks to count as one vote, they must be from a unique IP address and come from one website alone. If they come from more than one website, each one needs to have its own IP address and it is not possible for search engine optimization tools to check this. In the past, the only way to obtain backlinks was to buy them or have someone create them for you. There are more ways to acquire backlinks, however, and a backlink from a popular website may still help your ranking.

Many companies are offering a variety of methods of obtaining backlinks to their websites. Some are quite pricey, but others are much cheaper. The best backlinks, however, are those that are bought and placed directly onto the servers of other websites. This ensures that each backlink has the same value and is counted along with the many others that have been purchased and placed onto the same server.

Finding backlinks used to take a great amount of time, but that time has changed. There are now a variety of automated software programs that can do the work for you. You can spend more time thinking about ways to increase traffic to your site and spend less time working on link building techniques. It is possible to purchase backlinks, but quality backlinks from another website count just as much as any other backlinks that you may buy. A backlink from another website is the most valuable type of backlinks because it is a backlink from another website that has the same or similar content as yours.