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You just have engaged. Congratulations! You are probably very excited and ready to shout from the mountain tops that you're engaged and getting married. However, everything you probably have not thought about is typical of the little things that go alongside getting engaged. 

You'll want to send out engagement announcements, have an engagement party, shoot participation photos, put a statement in the paper, have your parents and your fiance's parents meet and of course, you'll absolutely need an engagement ring. Hire a reasonable wedding cameraperson according to your need.


While all those activities are wonderful and certainly will be a lot of fun, they also can cost you a lot of dollars. You and your fiance may wish to acquire photos taken to indicate the occasion of your involvement. 

If you're like many couples, then these photos may be the very first professional ones you've ever taken together. You'll want them to be nice. What you could do in order to save cash on engagement photos, is to restrict the number of prints you buy, take the photos at an inexpensive photo studio or have just one of your friends take the photos using a camera and have prints made that manner. 

Yet another way to conserve a little cash is to tell the photographer that you're simply taking couples photos instead of engagement photos – so that you'll avoid any pricey involvement package that the photographer could offer.