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Aluminum wheel maintenance and repair are the same as any other repairs to bent wheels. To make sure they last, you have to care for them. 

You will need rubber gloves, a bucket, and five cups of all-purpose automobile cleaner, 4 cups of warm water, a sponge, a toothbrush, 2 lint-free cleaning cloths, an automotive clear coat spray wax.

Put on rubber gloves, then mix the 5 cups of all-purpose automotive cleaner with the 4 cups of warm water. Use this mixture to soak your sponge and then coat the aluminum wheel. This will remove any dirt and debris from your wheel. You can also consider hiring a professional for getting the services of wheel repair in Tulsa.


Rinse the whole wheel with warm water. To prevent soap buildup, rinse the entire wheel with clean water.

Use the lint-free cloth to dry the wheel. It is as important to dry everything that you wash as it is to wash it. This helps to eliminate watermarks and allows you to see the last areas that you missed earlier so you can go back and clean them.

Apply a thin layer of clear coat to a second, lint-free cloth. Smoothly rub it all over the wheel in circular motions. To achieve the shine and look you desire, apply a clearer coat. If you desire even more shine, you can apply a thin layer of spray wax. To prevent your hands from becoming dry from the chemicals and to protect your skin, wear gloves and carefully read the labels.