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When new employees start using onboarding software, acceptance becomes a progress phase. Employees can set goals for the first 30, 60, and 90 days at the company so they can bring their talent and help shape business results from the start. You can even access the top onboarding software solutions from your smartphone or tablet on the go.

Engage new employees with a simple and efficient engagement process so they can handle it successfully. Employee control panels will be consolidated to automate the transition phase. Deposits and direct forms such as W-4 and I-9 are filled out automatically, enabling full digital onboarding, document deletion, and reduced error and audit risk.

Easier transitions for new employees mean faster integration into the team. Increase efficiency and productivity while maintaining employee engagement and retention.

Monitor progress in real time:

Log in to the portal at any time to monitor the activation process and effectively eliminate the need to regularly request status updates from employees. Cloud software for embedding employees that offers top-down dashboards for everyone involved in the organization and view of individual tasks.

Individual one-handed agreement:

Effective documentation management by uploading and selecting templates at startup. Automatically uploads employee information for them to sign online.

Network experience:

It is 100% convenient for mobile devices, users can complete the whole online connection process through their smartphones. New employees can also get to know the team with useful access to the company directory.

Employee firmware removes threads from emails, forms, and spreadsheets. You can view customer real results to control employee orientation.