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Installation of the TV should be done by a professional installer or electrician. You need to consider the location of the audio-visual equipment and the proper layout of your audio and video cables. Tip: Most electrical contractors can perform basic wiring for electrical and audio equipment.

Universal Mounts versus Custom Mounts

It is recommended to purchase a special stand for your plasma or LCD screen if the model is available. Why Custom Editing? It's guaranteed to fit a TV, while a universal stand is sufficient only 90% of the time. It is always recommended to take tv mounting services  from professionals.

Consider the nails

Plasma and LCD screens are heavy, you need to make sure you have pegs for wall or ceiling joists if you plan to hang the TV from the ceiling. If you have regular wooden studs (16" spacing), most mounts will work fine, but if you have 24" spacing you will need to look inside a mount with side shift adjustment. An installation hardware kit is available or included, including wood, metal studs, cinder blocks, and solid concrete.

Where would you like to install the flat-screen TV?

Above the Fireplace Installing the TV above the fireplace is a great option to make the most of the space in your living room. However, we only recommend this option if you can sit at least 10 feet from the TV. You should consider purchasing a "tilt stand" which will allow you to adjust/tilt the TV for the best viewing angle.