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Fitness boot camps and boot camp exercises are rapidly becoming the most popular way to lose weight and get in shape. These exercises can be used to start your own fitness boot camp or for those who are looking for great workout routines that can be done at home. Boot camp workout doesn't require any equipment and can be done at home or outdoors.

Phases of a Boot Camp Workout

This will include a complete body warm-up with full-body exercises. This is important to prepare the muscles and joints for the workout. The warm-up will help make the workout easier by getting the blood flowing and lubricating the joints. After a good warm-up, strength training can begin.

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This is the best time to train because your muscles are still young and all of your stabilizer muscles will be strong for the main workout. After you have completed the strength phase, it is time to move on to circuit training. Circuit training will give you a complete body workout, as well as a great cardio and fat-burning workout to increase your metabolism.

Circuit for Fitness Boot Camp

This is a quick circuit you can do at home or at your boot camp group. You can use 5 exercises to get a complete body workout. There is a template you can follow when creating circuits. Here's an example of an exercise to illustrate the order:

  • Squat – Y Squat
  • Push – Push-Ups
  • Pull – Rowing with bands or light dumbbells
  • Single-Leg – Split Squats

You can add challenge to the bodyweight exercises by adding some light resistance. An easy way to do this with a new class if you do not have weights for everyone is to have them all bring 2 half gallon water jugs full of water. These can be reused and can actually be used to drink water from as well.