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Outsourced product development is a trend that is fast gaining impetus. Increased savings, access to global talent at lower costs, flexible resources, better coordination, and faster communication enabled by modern technology, shorter time to market are few of the advantages.

Outsourcing can work wonders for your business, only if it's done methodically. In order to ensure that outsourced product development is a success, the most important step is to find the right-sized outsourcing vendor.

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Identifying the right-sized outsourcing vendor can help you get all the advantages of outsourcing with minimal risk of failure.

Company size is an important factor in evaluating seller your offshore product development. This becomes very important because there are many examples of the larger vendors in proportion to your size; do not give enough attention to your project. Your project might not be given importance, because they will not fall into the target segment of the vendor.

The vendor looks after the day to day team management so you can focus on your core business. Your vendor should be able to provide a team that will be able to share the work culture and vision products, be of the same caliber as your core team, and act as a true extension.

Large companies will not work with you closely and smaller companies will not be able to meet your needs. You can use the infrastructure vendors to jump the initial operation. You can start small and scale as needed.