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The principle behind hair transplantation and eyebrow transplantation are very similar. Both aim to regrow what has been lost but should be done in the most natural, quick manner. Our hair grows from the underside of our skin's hair follicles. 

Each hair follicle has the nutrients necessary for healthy hair growth. If the hair follicles have been damaged, it is possible to stimulate them again to promote hair growth. You can go for eyebrow microblading in Edmonton via according to your style.


A specialist in eyebrow transplant surgery should perform this type of procedure. This delicate procedure requires the most skilled and experienced surgeons to perform. The patient must be able to remove at least 350 hair strands from his head, and have them placed at the spot just above his eyes. 

The procedure is performed with local anaesthesia. There may be some swelling or bruising under the brows. The brows will take three to seven days to heal completely. You will need to do a lot of grooming and trimming as these are faster-growing head hairs. 

Your newly-grown eyebrows will eventually fall out about a month after transplant. This is normal and you should not panic or have any violent reactions. The new follicles will allow for new hair growth. It is important to be precise about the location of the transplant. Nobody wants lopsided eyebrows.

Eyebrow transplant is for both men and women who wish to correct eyebrow loss in a minimally invasive, surgical way. Although this procedure is not common and could cause eyebrows to rise in those who have them, it is the only way to permanently regrow your eyebrows.