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Residents in nursing homes are reported to be fifteen times the likelihood of being afflicted with uncorrected vision issues. On the other hand, similarly, aged people who live in normal communities are more well-cared for. 

The high rate of vision errors that aren't corrected such as hyperopia and myopia among residents of nursing homes are most likely to trigger depression among these individuals. 

For myopia risk detection, you can also take a myopia vision test at home.

Test your vision at home - Myopia Control Singapore

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Research findings that were published in November's issue of Archives of Ophthalmology in 2007 found that depression in these patients could be reduced significantly after their visual deficiencies were corrected with the use of glasses. In reality, these benefits for the mind can be achieved easily.

Eye exams are essential to detect common eye conditions like farsightedness, nearsightedness, amblyopia, strabismus, and more. If they are not detected early and treated as such, the visual issues can have a major impact on the academic performance of children. 

The public schools of Illinois are now requiring children entering kindergarten or the first grade to provide evidence that they have had an eye examination that is thorough.

A brand new gadget known as VIP Virtual Perimetry is now accessible for visual field testing. This test that is automated will help identify the neurological damage caused by brain injuries or illnesses like glaucoma. 

The new technology performs this job by identifying blind spots in the vision field. The main distinction between this device and traditional visual testing techniques is the fact that VIP Virtual Perimetry is automated.