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An applicant can be forced to lie for many different factors. This might include being laid off by a previous employer for reasons ranging from vandalism or theft behavior. Candidates, for obvious reasons, might not need to reveal the facts, and might be tempted to lie in the resumes.

When asked about the cause of a work change, candidates who are now being untruthful usually give reasons like change of dwelling or private growth. In order to track them, you can go for their work experience background check from a reputable source. 


These reasons are sufficient and very hard to detect as the individual probably has rehearsed their narrative and it will not usually sound false. 

For those who, as an employer, believe that something isn't right, or when something sounds too good to be accurate, then a comprehensive history of this candidate ought to really be verified. 

This might well not be feasible for you in an employer's capacity, because most employers do not have enough funds or the experience to perform such tests. It's recommended to seek the services of a professional firm to execute the employment history confirmation, along with a criminal record check.

Employment history verifications are an essential small business activity. They are able to detect potential issues before they appear and also save organizations plenty of cash and time.