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It is a well-known fact that any person who owns a business or part of a business has a bunch of visiting cards which are given to the people with whom there are chances of contact and interaction in the future. A business card usually contains the person's designation, details about the organization indicating the office/factory address, telephone number, and his/her email address.

Early business cards were playing cards on which people put their signatures and other messages. Then gradually business cards developed – cards that mainly gave direction to a merchant's shop or warehouse and advertised the products the merchant dealt in. The business card underwent a revision and is now called a business card.

In a market-driven economy, it is impossible to do business without a metal business card. For big or small businesses, it is necessary to have a business card.

Contact details of a big business or big brand can be easily obtained from other sources like the internet. However, this is not possible in the case of a small business as most of the time people do not even remember the name of the organization or person they want to contact. Larger businesses may spend more on advertisements and their promotion. Small businesses have business cards to advertise themselves. Therefore, business cards are important when it comes to small businesses.

Furthermore, networking and sales place so much importance on first impressions that having a generic business card is unthinkable. The business card should be designed in such a way that it strongly reflects your personality, the organization you represent, the products you offer, and the service you provide.

For example, a business card made from recycled materials emphasizes the fact that you are an environmentally conscious person. This will immediately create a favorable impression on you and the respect with which you are held will surely go up.