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The use of poly bags has been proven to be a great way to market and customize products in niche markets. One of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to build brand awareness for consumer goods is to print a logo with promotional content on poly bags. Packaging design and structure play an important part in the consumer's buying decision.

A well-designed personalized poly packaging will increase sales and market share. For baling compressed or loose materials, heavy-duty bags made from a specially designed poly film can also be used. This poly material is resistant to punctures and tears and can withstand high impact.

This special poly film is ideal for heavy-duty bags. It can be customized to meet your needs. The heavy-duty bag has a low slip exterior surface, which is ideal for shipping and stacking, and an easy loading surface. Packaging companies have specifically developed plastic envelopes from poly film material.

These envelopes are waterproof, puncture and tear-resistant, and opaque in white color. This makes them look professional and maintains the privacy of the contents. A few offer a sealed system that features a peel-and-seal adhesive, which provides tamper-proof security. These plastic envelopes can be written on, are lightweight, and can be attached with labels or stamps. They are also customizable in size and color.