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They are known for spiders, crickets and snakes, rodents, marsupials, and fungi. But the place I can crawl under the house is my bread and butter. As a home inspector, I know that some crawl spaces are just that, you have to crawl through them.

However, the worst thing was a wet place to crawl on. You can also visit https:/ to know more about crawlspace insulation installation.

Crawl Space Insulation

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What causes wet rooms to creep? Moisture can come from three sources: condensation from the air; infiltration through the foundation; Leaks in the water pipe. Moisture rarely comes from sources under the house. springs or leaks, or from roof leaks.

What's wrong with humidity in a crawl space? It's a lot. High humidity levels in crawl spaces allow the wood to be destroyed by fungi, insects, and termites. If the wood remains dry, wood-destroying organisms are not attracted to it. 

Have you ever visited the stone house in the southwest? There are wooden roof beams and stairs that have survived nearly a thousand years in the extremely dry climate.

Humidity in crawl spaces can be catastrophic, but most of the time protecting against humidity is relatively inexpensive.

Gutters are your first line of defense – often all you need to do is keep the gutters clean and work to control moisture in the foundation walls. Make sure water from sewers is diverted away from the house.

In crawl spaces, you can temporarily tug on the floor insulation to check the water pipes where they enter the floor and see if there are any leaks soaking the floor.