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An internal family system is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on the client's internal "parts" and "me". In IFS it is believed that the mind naturally consists of many personalities or families in the mental system of each individual.

The goal of IFS is to help clients gain access to themselves so that they can heal their injured parts and balance their minds. You can get the best information about ifs trauma therapy via 

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When the client learns to access himself, he can heal his injured parts. This harmonizes the whole system and allows the person to become more independent. A natural side effect of this cure is reduced problematic or symptomatic behavior.

IFS is about working with yourself and its parts.


The first basic concept of IFS is self-existence. Self is an innate presence in every human being which is at the core of who they are. The bottom line is good and complete and cannot be broken or tampered with. When a person organizes himself, the system is in balance and all parts work in harmony with one another.


The second basic concept of IFS is the existence of spare parts. Sometimes referred to as a sub-personality or family, each part has its own beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. They can be of any age or gender of the client. All parts work from a place of positive intent. There are no bad parts, only bad roles.