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The choice of a background for a photoshoot can be an important business decision. Even though a seamless background is just a one-color background, it is important to know that the one you select will impact your final product, either positive or negative. 

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The various tones can not only create various moods, but they also reflect distinct personalities. When the correct hue is selected for a particular subject you can see the subject in its natural surroundings. The subject's personality, as well as color, are harmonious like they were meant to be in perfect harmony.


The most popular transparent background color is white. It is most often used because it exudes a light or pure sensation and is clean. Because it reflects light well and is so easy to use as a background is an excellent option to focus on an object to let the light shine. 


Black can be also considered a versatile color that can be paired with nearly any subject. However, instead of conveying a clear and pure feeling, the black background tells an entirely different narrative. If you choose a dark background it creates an air of mystery, or even danger in what you're photographing. 


Tans and browns are commonly used as backgrounds due to their neutrality. They can be matched to pretty much anything, however, it is important to pay attention to the mood these hues create. Browns are earthy hues and are usually viewed as a sign of trustworthiness, just like the solid oak of UPS packages.