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The cake has always been one of the most popular types of food in the world that has social and cultural significance. The tradition of making choco cream cake for celebrations have long been present in many civilizations and cultures throughout the world.

The cake was originally used in religious rituals as offerings to the gods and spirits. Sometimes they deliberately formed into specific shapes according to specific opportunities or to signify certain ideas such as a round shape and circular symbolic nature of the life cycle or natural phenomena. 

People started making cakes since they are found in flour. The earliest example of a cake can be traced back to Neolithic times. their cakes are made from grains crushed and heated over a flame stone. The first culture with a sophisticated cake significant skill is ancient Egypt.

Even then they still toast bread-like and they use honey instead of sugar. The modern form of the cake comes just after the Industrial Revolution. In medieval times, the cakes were a privilege of the rich and powerful class simply because of high production costs. 

The whole range of cakes in different flavors, shapes, and sizes are also produced today like Vanilla sponge cake, butterscotch cake, Black Forest cake, and cupcakes. And among the most popular variety of cakes, the chocolate cake remains a favorite of millions worldwide.

Chocolate cake is usually made with chocolate as the main ingredient. There are various types of chocolate cake, depending on the recipe or the type of chocolate used in it. Almost every country has its own different recipes for chocolate cake.