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The Peloton Bike Plus is one of the newest and best indoor cycling bikes available to buy today, but there are lots of other options. TailHappyTV has compared the Peloton Bike Plus to the Schwinn IC4 as well as the Echelon EX-15 bike from Amazon. It's clear that the Peloton Bike Plus is the best bike of these three options, however, it is also by far the most expensive bike of the bunch. If you want to get a Peloton Bike Plus but you simply can't justify spending over $2,000 on an indoor cycling bike that doesn't even take you anywhere, you may want to check out how the Schwinn and Echelon bike compare to the Peloton Bike Plus. Matt from TailHappyTV has created several videos breaking down and explaining the value proposition offered by each of these indoor cycling bikes.

The Echelon bike is the cheapest of the bunch at just $500, while the Schwinn IC4 costs almost twice as much. Both are great indoor cycling bikes and offer a good bang for the buck, and neither of them require a $39 per month membership like the Peloton Bike Plus does. Ultimately, which indoor cycling bike you want depends on your budget, and how serious you are about indoor cycling. The Peloton Bike Plus is the gold standard and very few people who buy one regret the decision. Many people start out with a cheaper alternative to the Peloton Bike Plus and eventually upgrade if they decide they really love this form of exercise and have the extra money to invest in quality indoor cycling equipment.