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There are times when you are driving on the highway and accidentally hit by another car, which can damage your side mirror. These are important things that you cannot drive without as they serve very important safety purposes. This allows the driver to see the side area of the car that is often outside the main vision. The driver can use the side mirror to decide which direction and movement he wants to do next.

Troubleshooting a broken side mirror is quite easy. This usually involves car side mirror glass replacement or the object itself. You can get replacement lenses from stores that specialize in auto parts. These are usually available after three business days and can cost up to $ 20.

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If you repair the side mirror yourself, you must be careful when removing the broken glass. Make sure all the remaining glue is completely gone.

When you get replacement glass, take some silicone and place it on a plate. Choose a universal silicone brand as it will heal faster than premium brands which are also more expensive.

Take a new mirror and press it lightly against the plate. Let the mirror dry, but hold it in place with tape. It usually takes about four hours for the silicone to dry completely.

Once the silicone is dry, remove the tape and clean the mirror to remove smudges and fingerprints.

If you replace the side mirror immediately, you can protect yourself from future accidents. You can contact a professional to help you with this, but this is also a project you can do yourself.