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Bracelets are pieces of jewelry that are worn to decorate wrists. It can be made of different materials, like metal, leather, cloth, and even wooden. Bracelets can be used not just as ornaments but can also serve a purpose, like a tag for identification in medical facilities and ID cards that indicate a person's allergy and illness.

A Brief History of Bracelets

Bracelets came from the Latin word "brachile," which means arm. During the Ancient Greek and Roman era, soldiers wore bracelets made of leather straps that have gold and silver embellishments. Women soon followed wearing them, but instead of using armbands as the men do, they adjusted the band to fit their wrists, thus, the bracelet. Over time, bracelets became amongst the most favored ornament by women. Now bracelets come in a variety of styles. You can explore to check out designer bracelets available in a wide selection of colors and metal types.. 

Bracelets' Purposes

Bracelets are used for decorative purposes, and with the popularity of precious metals and precious stones, bracelets have become expensive. But there are other kinds of decorative bracelets that need not be expensive such as homemade bracelets, which are made out of string and beads of different colors.

Friendship bracelets have also been popular and are given as gifts to signify friendship. These are made not of gold and silver and gemstones but of leather or ribbons bound together to form a pattern and are usually made by the giver herself for the receiver of the friendship bracelet.