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Experience the most famous Hawaiian sunset in Kona and dive with manta rays that are majestic. Hawaii is among the very few locations around the globe that you can go on this incredible adventure. Kona is among the most popular places for manta rays to be seen up close and in the shallow water. 

Manta rays of over 200 species have been recognized to see. It is the best place for vacation. If you’re also planning to go on vacation then this destination is perfect for you. Book your vacation tickets online at to experience best manta night snorkel in Kona  with a stunning sunset at sea, followed by a night dive with the magnificent manta rays. 

This unforgettable adventure includes snorkel gear, T-top wetsuits (with instructions) , swimming, free non-alcoholic beverages, after snorkeling cookies, hot cocoa, and hot tea. Enjoy everything on your vacation.

In peak travel times We also organize the late-night manta snorkel adventure , which gives guests an additional time to snorkel in the evening, when there are fewer boats and fewer tourists in the water. Since manta rays have been deemed wild creatures , you can see these wild creatures while snorkeling. You can also try the swimming tours also for your enjoyment.