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Whether you're looking for a new look for your bikini line for hot summer weather, or you're thinking about changing the colour for the first time, knowing what a wax mask bikini looks like and what a nickname actually means is helpful.

You can get information on bikini waxing in Hong Kong via Here's a quick rundown of the basics so you can be sure about what you're getting.

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Simple Bikini Wax – This will remove any hair that sticks out from the side of your underwear or bikini line. If your bikini is open, it will be taken. Unless you tell us otherwise, any hair that's on your thighs or between your belly button and the top of your underwear will also be removed. This is the perfect style for you when it's your first time waxing or just looking to liven up anything.

Full Bikini Wax – Although very similar to American base wax, it takes one step further and removes more hair on the sides. You get clearer forms, i.e. B. straight triangle or rectangular shape. You can also trim the rest of the hair to make it shorter and less volatile. This is a great choice when you want a cleaner, fresher bikini area but still, want your personal hair around.

French wax for bikinis – French wax is a little more drastic than American wax. This wax is very often referred to as partial Brazilian or Landing Tape. If you're one of those girls who loves minimal bikinis, this might be the perfect shape for you.

Brazilian Bikini Wax – Brazilians are perhaps the most outrageous of the shape and style of bikini tops with wax masks. This removes any remaining hair in the pelvic area – yes, even between your cheeks.