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Quality developers are scarce – both in terms of numbers and based on a specific time-based need. So how to make sure you still pick out gold from the vast and complex terrain out there? Here are some smart approaches.

Cut short the leg-work: As a recruiter, a sizable chunk of your time should be spent in the strategic and selection aspects of the process. All the essential work related to logistics should be taken care of by something automated.

So collecting CVs, listing them down, categorizing profiles, scheduling appointments, and conducting initial rounds of assessments – these are some areas that AI tools and chat-bots can handle. You can also use the best developer assessment tool to choose a good candidate.

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Use online employment testing tools, pre-hire assessment tests, and technical tests. This will liberate your time for the more critical parts and add speed and precision to the entire process.

Stress on the get-to-know-them time: Interviews are an excellent opportunity to assess the technical aspects of a job and the other elements that will matter when a candidate joins your organization.

It is better to conduct video interviews and in-depth conversations that are assisted with support from AI. Doing a smart tech assessment ensures that you do not run a lot of risk of attrition because of poor fits. This also leads to better culture alignment.

Finally, this leads to learning and development based on a unique set of gaps, learning curves, and individual-specific growth expectations.