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You can spend all day waxing your car and still get lackluster results. This is because wax can't prevent oxidation, fading, or stains from building up on your car over time.

Many professionals have turned to ceramic coatings as a substitute for car wax. What is ceramic coating? This is a liquid polymer that binds to your car paint to add another layer of protection. Joints are not washed or worn. You can also click on the following source/link for best ceramic coating online:

Ceramic Coating Cost for Auto / Cars in Edmonton

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The average service life of ceramic coatings is six months to three years, depending on product quality. Unlike wax, which only enhances the look of your car, coatings protect your car from substances such as rust, UV rays, and harsh substances.

Before spending your money on ceramic coating, you need to know what you are getting. There are several things to note, such as:


One of the main reasons to buy a cover is to protect your car from the sun's UV rays and excessive heat. If you live in a cool, cloudy climate like Seattle, consider buying a lightweight cover or no cover at all. 

Long life

Some layers last longer than others. However, they are usually more expensive and more difficult to implement. If you often dare to drive your car outdoors, then spend the extra money and get long-term insurance coverage – up to three years. If you don't drive often and stay in the garage, six months of coverage can last a year or two.