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A garden canopy tent is manufactured by using different colored water proof canvas. The canopy tent can be used as an ideal tent to spend your leisure time in the garden, backyard or any other location you would like to be in. 

The customized canopy tent 10×20 is always mounted on tent poles to cover the sun's rays. You can have side curtains with mosquito nets, which will keep away insects and mosquitoes. In the event of a rainfall, the waterproof canopy tent will protect you against getting drenched.

One can move the garden canopy tent to any desired location of their choice to accommodate the mood of the party. You don't need to hire professional assemblers to set up the canopy tent because of the ease of setting up. Setting up garden canopies is a fun activity that can best be enjoyed with family and friends.

Customized canopy tents can be mounted in open areas that children can play around without damaging the interior decoration of the house. Outdoor canopies are ideal where there is no scope of shade or where children require cover from the rain. 

Having a backyard garden canopy is more enjoyable than being indoors. Children will play tirelessly under the garden canopy tents.