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When the holiday season arrives, we all get busy visiting and attending our friends and family members to spend some quality time. It is the perfect season to celebrate the joy, happiness with food, gifts, parties, and more. The venue all the gathering takes place does take a small toll. For example; you’ve got friends and family members coming over to your house where you’ve made all the necessary arrangements. When they arrive and meet up, the house turns little skeptical where the rooms become dirty. The biggest toll taken is by the problem which leads to minor to moderate to even serious plumbing related issues. So, in order to avoid costly plumbing problems, make sure you do some of the things mentioned below.

  1. Distinguish Between Trash and Garbage – Garbage disposals are known to collect certain small items such as wraps, tissues, and other items. When it comes to bigger items such as meat bones, kinds of pasta, vegetables, and more, the trash comes into play. It is important to keep a sign for your guests so that they are using the right kind of disposable when throwing out the items carefully.
  2. Avoid Pouring Grease in the Drain – Cooking a meal for your guests is fun however, it is important to be aware of not to pour greasy items in the drain. Failure to acknowledge this problem will result in clog formation which is difficult to get rid of.
  3. Offer Some Protection to the Sink – Try to use a mesh screen to avoid clogging during the time of washing dirty utensils.

Problems to the sink or bathrooms in Coffs Harbour is taken care of by a professional plumber.