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One of the newest trends in the footwear industry is the wide range of shoes designed specifically to be worn at the beach. Some of them are designed for fashion, some for serious functionality.

Choosing the right beach footwear for you depends on what kind of activities have been planned. Do you plan to sunbathe, play volleyball, run or fish from the rocks, there is the perfect shoe for you. You can also buy beach shoes online via

Flip Flops for All

Flip-flops are more popular than ever. The whole family loved this convenience and comfort casual shoes. Styles range from traditional plain thonged footwear for sports flip-flops that flowers, beads, and other embellishments fun.

Crocs Score at the Shore

Another great style choice for beach footwear is Crocs. This shoe is lightweight, comfortable, and resistant to sand and water. They even float. Crocs mold to the shape of your feet, offer excellent arch support.

Water Shoes

Water shoes protect your feet in or out of the water. They are lightweight, breathable, and offer the only treaded that help prevent slippage on wet surfaces or injuries from stones or shells.

Water shoes are great to wear when jet skiing or water skiing, too. Water shoes are available in a simple pull-on style or a more athletic style for those who enjoy jogging and water aerobics.