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We think the artistic expertise of the cigars is in the touch of our rollers' hands. So, how can they get the ideal  handmade cigar? Here's an exclusive look in our procedure:

Hand-Rolling Cigars 

Based upon how big the cigar and the mix, two to four filler leaves are brushed together lengthways in an accordion style called a"concertina." This creates tiny passages in the cigar to ensure that smoke and air could be attracted.

The filler is then wrapped to the binder leaves to make a bunch. It's very important that the filler is dispersed evenly. When it's wrapped too loosely, the cigar will burn too quickly and taste unpleasant. Too tight, and the smoke will be much more work than pleasure. 

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hand rolled cigars

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The bare bunches are then set in a cigar mould. The trough determines the form of the cigar, so maintaining it uniform and round. After the bunches have taken shape, they are eliminated from the molds and contributed into some roller, who implements the wrapper leaf.

An oval-shaped steel cutter, called a chaveta can be used to cut on the wrapper leaf to the ideal size. Ordinarily, the cover of the wrapper leaf is put in the base of this cigar, and also the bottom of this wrapper is in the mouth. This gives a milder taste throughout the first couple of puffs. 

We've also been proven to"reverse wrap" and also do exactly the reverse. With the opposite, the taste is still the same using a mild taste consistently through the smoke. The last measure for hand-rolling cigars is a cap connected using a vegetable-based glue.