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Many apartment buildings are managed by a designated manager, who is responsible for the day-to-day running of the apartment. Their job responsibilities go beyond managing the buildings and tenants. These are just some of the tasks that the top Hamilton apartment management companies handle.

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It’s not unusual for disagreements to arise between apartment residents. The apartment manager is often called upon to mediate and try to reach a solution that suits everyone.

Sometimes this is easy, like when one tenant is too loud and disrupting the peace. Other disputes can cause more problems so the manager should be able to manage them peacefully to both the benefit of the building as well as its tenants.


Any maintenance issues within the apartment building in Hamilton are directly under the control of the manager. Although the work may be done by contractors or janitors, the manager is responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly.

They must be available to tenants to report any problems and maintain relationships with contractors and other personnel that can resolve the problem at a fair price.

Rent Collection

In most cases, rent payments are sent directly to the owners of the building or through an agent on their behalf. If a tenant is unable to pay their rent due to any reason, the manager of the building will need to contact them and arrange payment.

Signing leases

The apartment manager in Hamilton may also sign leases and show prospective tenants around the building in some cases. They must be familiar with the details of their building so they can provide accurate information and keep the best interest of the owners in mind.