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Internal Family Therapy (IFS) is a trauma care model developed by Richard Schwartz. Over the last twenty years, it has evolved into a holistic model that is currently used by adults, children, couples, and families.

Participants learn the basics of internal family systems (IFS) therapy and how to apply them when working with sandstones. A mixture of didactic and experimental methods will help participants to learn the basics of recognizing and working with the ego state in the grit process.

ifs therapy

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The Internal Family System (IFS) is one where Dr. Richard Schwartz developed a therapeutic model. The IFS approach provides comprehensive ideas and guidelines for working with families, individuals, and couples.

This model is synthesized by two paradigms – systematic thinking and multiple thinking. Based on the existing approach, the IFS model views individuals as containing distinct and equally important "pieces", each of which contains valuable information and serves a unique and important purpose.

Through different life experiences and family dynamics (to name just a few examples) these pieces can be removed from their valued roles and reconfigured in an unhealthy fashion. Through an open, safe, guided process of self-discovery and curiosity, IFS helps transform the natural returns of these parts into more moderate and functional roles.

At IFS, Dr. Richard Schwartz also practices self-management of the eight Cs: confidence, poise, creativity, clarity, curiosity, courage, passion, and connectedness.