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General dentistry refers to a branch of medicine that deals with the care and maintenance of teeth. General dentistry focuses on diagnosing, treating, preventing, studying, and managing a wide range of conditions and disorders of the maxillofacial and associated structures of the human body. 

The term oral cavity simply refers to the mouth. General dentists are individuals who practice general dentistry. A dentist can specialize in many areas. 

General dentistry involves working with dental assistants, dental technicians, dental therapists, and dental hygienists. Some people may question the importance of general dental care. 

This type of medical treatment is vital. Oral disease is a major problem in public health. Although it is more common in the lower socio-economic classes, oral diseases can be found anywhere.

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General dentistry is a combination of preventative and therapeutic activities. The goal of general dentistry is to prevent periodontal disease and tooth decay. 

Tooth decay is also known as dental caries. This is when bacteria from food debris collect on the tooth's surface and cause it to become acidic. Periodontal disease refers to a condition that affects one or more periodontal tissues. 

Periodontitis and gingivitis are the most common periodontal diseases. Dentistry also includes the restoration of teeth, such as fillings or removal of teeth that aren't possible to fix, scaling teeth to treat periodontal problems, and treating abscessed teeth like a root canal.