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When you buy the hoop, there'll be a list of the necessary tools and equipment needed to put the hoop in place. Some of them are an adjustable level, a ladder as well as tape measure, screwdrivers, and shovel. Also, you'll need a wheelbarrow to transport the mixture of concrete, water, and of course, concrete mix. You'll need 850lbs of mix that is dry. You can get the complete guide about the safe installation instruction of basketball hoops.

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If you don't have all of these tools, you'll need to purchase the tools or borrow them from an acquaintance. To ensure that the hoop is installed correctly and safely, you'll require the right tools and materials. 

Once you've got all your equipment, you need to ensure that the location where you're going to put the hoop is ideal. It is best to have an even and smooth surface. If there are imperfections or bumps there's a good chance you'll be hurt.

The first step is to dig a hole in which you'll put the hoops. The hole should be 2ft by 2 feet. When your hole is completed, mix the concrete, and then pour it into the hole. The entire hole must fill with cement then sand it down. Then, on the pole count to 18 inches. This is the distance you'll need to insert the pole into the hole. 

After you've put the pole and are secure, you'll have to connect the hoop and the backboard. Make sure the hoop, as well as the backboard, are secured. After that, place them on the pole at a height of 10 feet. Be sure to wait at least 48 hours prior to putting these components to the pole, since the concrete will need a period of time for drying.